Winter is here in full force so we put together SweetieBox June 2018 together with that in mind!

Hersheys Kisses Almond: These luxurious milk chocolate drops date back all the way to 1907 and are just as delicious today! Perfect for sharing with a loved one!

Gummy Turtles: It may be too cold to even think about dipping your toe in the see, but these tutti fruitti gummy turtles are here to tickle your taste buds, bringing back warm summer memories!

Sour strawberry red bricks: Don’t let the name fool you, these delicious filled bricks are far from sour! Strawberry gummy outside with a sweet satiny filling. Bring on the fun fizzy flavour!

Hausbrandt Hot Chocolate: Imported straight from Italy this decadent hot chocolate powder is sure to warm you up on a cold winter’s evening! Perfect for being snuggled up under a blanket with a good movie. We suggest following the instructions on the pack for the creamiest cup!

Mini Marshmallows: These mini marshmallows are the perfect topper to an already delicious Hot Chocolate. Simply sprinkle a few of these petite pink and white clouds on top for a creamy treat.

Tayas: These bite-size biscuits have a Lemon cream filling and are coated with white chocolate, they are just perfect with a cup of tea or just on their own.

Bark Thins: Snackable slivers of dark chocolate paired with blueberry and quinoa crunch. These simple ingredients will give you a sophisticated but original way of snacking.