SweetieBox May 2019


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Swedish Fish: Are you ready for the fish-related fact of the day? Each year, 7,000 metric tons of Swedish Fish are produced to appease the demands of fruit flavored gummy-lovers — the weight of that many candy fish is actually equivalent to 1,929 real orca whales! Enjoy this 400 gram pack of assorted green, red, and yellow, blue and orange marine munchies any time of day.

Cherry Twists: Back by popular demand! A Great movie theater treat without the price of admission. Plot summary: full bag of Cherry Licorice Bites meet quick, satisfying end. Predictable but very tasty!

Sugared Pastilles: Delightful little fruit pastilles imported from Turkey and dusted in sugar coming to you in an assortment of flavours and colours.

Nutters Brittle: Our friends at The Nutters Brittle set out to make the perfect brittle, most people thought they were crazy. At some point, they even thought that they were the mad hatter! But, with a few twists of their spoons and a shake of their awesome booties and of course that crazy sweetness, they perfected their recipe and created an unapologetically bonkers brittle that everybody seems to go nuts for. We just cannot get enough of the stuff! This time it comes in covered in cashew nut and milk chocolate.

Marshmallow Fluff: This iconic  product was invented in 1896 and has been produced by the same family business in New England Massachusetts USA since 1917. No other company has managed to replicate their original recipe. Enjoy spread over chocolate chip cookies (included in the box), inside a sandwich with some peanut butter (the original “fluffernutter” sandwich), or just enjoy plain with a spoon!

Grandino Hazelnut Creme Cookies: Produced in the Netherlands, these devine chocolate chip cookies are filled with a creamy chocolate hazelnut spread. Enjoy alone, with a cup of tea or with some Marshmallow Fluff!