SweetieBox June 2019


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Peach Rings: What is it about rings that make them so fun to eat? Is it the fact that you can line them up on your fingers and nibble them off one by one? Or because you can use them as mini frisbees? Well, no matter what the reason, it’s safe to say that gummy rings will never go out of tasty style. For a perfectly peachy sensation, take a bite out of these delicious orange, red, and yellow candies! Chewy, fruity, and dusted with just the right amount of sugar, you taste perfection every time you taste one.

Fizzy Sticks: A twisted update on classic sour gummy worms, these fizzy sticks have a chewy outside & soft berry filling, ready to tingle your taste buds with sweet & sour.

Cola Bottles: Next time you’re feeling parched, pop open a bottle of refreshing cola — gummy cola, that is! These soft and sweet classics are colored like half-filled soda bottles, which is fitting, since they’re bursting with real cola taste! Share them with the kids (and any deserving grown-ups) at your next get-together, and savor the sweetness of this smooth soda snack, bottle after bottle.

Meshuggah Confectionary: Meshuggah sweet sensations are brought to life through a combination of passion, skills and the finest quality ingredients. This combination ensures that they are able to create confectionery that not only tastes wonderful, it is also beautiful to look at too – almost too beautiful to eat… Almost! Featured this month is the divine honeycomb dipped in white chocolate and their famous Code Zero bar.

Rainbow Nerds: NERDS! A rainbow of flavors bursts from these tiny, tangy, crunchy candies! Rainbow NERDS Movie Theater Candy Packs will keep you going through even the longest binge watching session. Be prepared for any epic candy craving!!

Kayley’s Milk Hot Chocolate Stick: Say goodbye to powdered hot chocolate and say hello to the real thing! On a cold winter’s evening, dip these sticks into some steaming hot milk, stir, then top with some mini mallows, sit back and enjoy.

Biscolata Mood: Whatever mood you are in, these delicious biscuits with chocolate cream filling will bring a smile to your face.