SweetieBox July 2019

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Apple Belts: Once eyes fasten onto this pouch of candy belts, tongues will have no other option but to buckle under the scrumptious taste of clear sour granules, strewn across a sweet green apple belt.

Unicorns: Back by popular demand! Only found in misty meadows over-arched by bright rainbows, unicorn candies are tasty treats normally reserved for wizards and baby dragons… until now! Coming in three adorable pastel colors, these prancing and enchanting unicorns will add some charm to your day.

Juicy Strawberries/Watermelons: Bouncy, chewy gummies featuring a unique strawberry/watermelon flavour profile!

Milka Strawberry: Only best Alpine milk and fully matured strawberries are used for producing this great bar. Milka – the most tender chocolate in Austria.

Reese’s Snack Size Peanut Butter Cups: The year was 1928, and intrepid dairy farmer of action H B Reese discovered that when you mix creamy peanut butter and delicious Hershey’s milk chocolate together something magical happens. The Reese’s Peanut Butter cup was that tasty discovery and it has spawned an entire family of delicious peanut buttery treats.

Durran’s Marula Home-Made Fudge: Hand-made in South Africa with love using an old scottish recipe, this gorgeous fudge is made from all natural ingredients and real farm butter!

Merbu Nougatelli Cookies: Delicious biscuit filled with  chocolate chips with a Delicious center filled with hazelnut spread. These incredible cookies are imported from the Netherlands.