SweetieBox February 2019


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Cherry Hearts: Fall in love this Valentine’s Day with these perfectly chewy and smooth cherry hearts! They’re so delicious you’ll fall absolutely head over heels.

Peanut Butter Hearts: Imported from the USA, enjoy the classic flavors of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the shape of a heart. They’re the perfect indulgence to share with your sweetheart

Fizzy Peach Hearts: Combine the qualities of a Peach with the fervor of a Heart and you’ve got a delectable sour and sweet gummy treat in your hands. In vibrant red and orange hues these gummies are enough to make mouths water and tongues roll all at once.

Sour Pals: If you do not love the mouth puckering experience of sour sweets, then you might want to consider giving these to someone who does! Coming in cherry, lime, lemon, and orange flavours, these little guys will take your breath away.

Rose’s Mallow Dipped in Chocolate: Made by hand in Paarl especially for you! This is the perfect combination of fluffy raspberry marshmallow, milk chocolate and the perfect crunch of mini smarties.

Fini Kollisions: Another legendary Fini candy from Spain is here to collide with your taste buds! These differently-shaped gummies are sour, sweet, and the best way to eat licorice!