SweetieBox August 2019


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Gummi Octopus: These octopus bites are splattered with every hue of the rainbow, and they’re a chewy and perfect way to fill any candy bowl, snack bag, or tummy. But don’t worry, these guys aren’t made of real calamari — in fact, they’re just sweet, sweet gummy goodness! So while their limbs may not move on their own, the squishy, fruity delight of every bite more than makes up for it.

Sweet Spiders: Big eight-legged gummy spiders with a pink center will tickle your taste buds as they slowly creep down your throat!

Giant Mallow Mice: Super creepy Giant Mallow Mice featuring long, chewy tails… just like real mice! Quite possibly the most delicious rodents you’ll ever eat.

MESHUGGA VANILLA ICE CREAM MALLOW: Another gem from our friends at Meshugga, this fluffy, melt in your mouth marshmallow is made by hand locally with love and tastes like real ice cream!


DUNCAN HINES CARROT CAKE: Get creative with Duncan Hines Cake in a cup! I A new craze in the USA, these cakes are ready to eat in just one minute. Simply empty the pouch into a cup, add three tablespoons of water, mix, microwave and serve!


Bon o Bon Oblia Bar: This light wafer is filled with nougat and peanut! Once you crunch into the wafer you hit the chewy nougat, and the peanut is a flavor surprise, making it one of Argentina’s most popular candies.

Sugary Hearts

Spread some sugary-sweet love with pink gummy hearts. These sugar-dusted chewy candies are packed with fruit flavor.

Poosh! CHEWING GUM: This innovative product is all the rage in Argentina! It is filled with yummy “burst in your mouth” liquid plus has a tasty crunchy coating, Poosh!