SweetieBox April 2019

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Gummy Bunnies:A fun and festive snack, these chewy bunny-shaped gummies taste like strawberries and cream. Fill up Easter baskets and eggs, serve at parties or slip into a little one’s lunch box for a sweet treat.

Classic Carrots: Here’s a candy that will have you begging to be told, “Eat your vegetables!” These orange flavored gummy carrots are a sweet treat everyone will enjoy. They also make cute cake and cupcake toppers for Easter baked goods.

Jelly Beans: When winter starts looming there is nothing more perfect than sitting on a bench watching the changing colours of the autumn leaves, oh wait there is! Sitting on a bench, watching the autumn leaves, whilst snacking on these awesome autumn coloured jelly beans!

Chewy Fruties: Delicious proudly South African chews with a liquid centre. The texture is soft with a long and smooth chewy texture – almost a cross between gum and taffy. The assortment includes 3 fabulous flavors: Blackcurrant & Cherry, Watermelon and Tropical, and Blueberry and Yogurt.

Candy Coated Chocolate Eggs: Only the rarest of hens lay chocolate eggs and only the rarest of those hens lay them with a multicoloured candy coating. Be sure to eat them all up before they hatch!

Roses Mallow Bunnies: Delight your taste buds with these cute mallow bunnies dipped in chocolate, made by hand in Paarl especially for you!

ChiniMini’s: These packs of mini candy coated chocolate beans are tiny enough to be taken anywhere, so the enjoyment never has to stop!

Easter Hunt: Can you find the hidden treat?