Summer has arrived and oh it is so sweet! In celebration the November 2017 SweetieBox is filled with all sorts of yummy treats that remind us of warm summer days on the beach, from Ice Cream lollies to gummy lifesavers and even ice cream cones! Here’s what’s inside:

Blue Raspberry Drops: These juicy puffy gummy drops from Spain are bursting with a tangy Blue Raspberry flavour and have an awesomely chewy texture.

Fruity Jubes: Delicious:  Are you ready to tempt your taste buds with these super sweet, fabulously fruity flavours? Fruity, sugar coated lollies in fruit shapes. They’re a mixed up cocktail of multicoloured fun!

Reeses Peanut Butter Pieces (contains nuts): Creamy peanut butter surrounded by a crispy candy coating, these famous treats are imported from the USA and are just fantastic!

The Nutters Brittle (Milk Chocolate and Cashewnut): This locally made brittle is back by popular demand! This time it is covered in luscious milk chocolate and crumbly salty cashews. The texture and flavour is perfection!

Lifesavers Gummies: Who could resist the simple joy of the soft, chewy, fruity goodness of Life Savers Gummies? These gummies are so yummy they may just save your life! Imported from the USA

2 Pop Ice Cream Lollies: For obvious reasons we can’t send you real ice cream but these suckers are the next best thing! These double scoops come in choc’o caramel and strawberry smoothie flavours.

Ice Cream Chocolate Cones (May contain nuts): Our favorite part of an ice cream cone is that little bit of chocolate you get at the bottom and these delicious wafers are just like that! Delicious chocolate cream on the top, crunchy biscuit in the center and soft white chocolate on the bottom….yum!