Doesn’t this weather make you just want to cuddle up with an awesome box of treats? Well, the July 2018 and here is what’s inside!

Strawberry Liquorice Twists: Old fashioned red liquorice in a delicious burst of strawberry flavour. This soft and juicy liquorice is the perfect comfort food for a cold winter’s evening!

Mini Fruity Gums: Who could resist the simple joy of the soft, chewy, fruity goodness of delicious cute little fruity gums? Coming in orange, peach, raspberry and strawberry flavours and made with real fruit juice!

Gummy Peach Hearts: We’re passionate about sweets and fell in love with these peach hearts! Matching the delicious flavour of Peach with a hearty fizzy gummy and you have a combination that will take your breath away in the chewiest & peachiest way possible!!

Tasha’s Fantastic Honey Fudge Popcorn:  Made especially for you by Tasha herself for SweetieBox, this new product from the Tasha’s fudge range is a super crunchy, fudgy popcorn packed with real honey & fudge and is super scrumptious!

Original Kellogg’s Pop Tarts: Imported from the USA these legendary toaster tarts were introduced by Kellogg’s in 1964 and have been a staple in American homes ever since, they have a sugary icing filling sealed inside two layers of rectangular, thin pastry crust. Enjoy the Smore’s and the Choc chip flavours by popping them in the toaster or microwave. (instructions on the package)

Demet’s Turtle Chocolate Eggs (contains nuts): We all know that turtles are a little bit slow and it can be quite a wait for them to lay their eggs, but finally they have arrived!  A creamy caramel coated pecan nut delight, covered in luscious milk chocolate.

Double Dipped Saucette Nerds: This famous candy from the Wonka factory in the USA was invented in 1985 and is made by spinning a sugar crystal in a barrel until it reaches the right size and then it is dipped in its specific flavour. However, these nerds have been double dipped! Coming in Watermelon Apple and Cherry Lemonade. Try each on their own or together, either way, they will taste delectable!